What’s it like to drink liquid gold

Okay, it’s not actually molten gold because that would be dangerous. It’s actually whiskey. This spirit brand was named “liquid gold” because it holds the record for selling the most expensive bottle of whiskey in the world. In 2013, The Dalmore sold its 1951 Constellation Vintage for $350,000 (P17.5M). That’s worth roughly about four condominium…

Cognac tasting with Martell

Like every ordinary Joe, I’m still confused with wine and spirit tasting. I just couldn’t find the “coffee notes” or “hint of plum.” Maybe because I’m not an expert or my palate isn’t sophisticated enough for detecting those subtle flavors. Truth be told, I’m not very well versed in this department. Although I enjoy a…

Feast on colors this weekend

Two words: blue paella. What is blue paella? It’s actually regular paella, the only difference is in the color of the rice. Instead of the usual yellow hue (because of the saffron), the rice is bright blue, thanks to the blue pea flower. The dish is made by Chef Jaja Andal and will be served…

New York steak of mind

The steakhouse is not all hype like most international brands coming into the country. It promises quality good food. After all, each branch ages its own meat, all USDA Prime beef, by the way. It has full control of its process from the aging to the preparation.

Pedro sans Miguel

But after learning to love the delicious nectar of the stressed, sad, and happy people, a week is not complete without a cold one.

Dreaming of cooler days

I am dreaming about ice cream right now—creamy vanilla bean, salted caramel, ooh wait, how about dark chocolate. Hmmmm. Oh, sweet, sweet nectar from the sugar gods.