Good food = good date

It’s Valentine’s Day today and love is in the air, as well as jealousy, envy, regret, and bitterness. Just kidding.

For me, I really don’t care about flowers and chocolates and other material things companies are trying to sell us. A simple dinner would do or rather, a simple dinner at a good restaurant would do. Nothing makes me happy than good food.

If you ask me, where I would go on a date, I’d probably answer: a mall. Why? Well, because it’s convenient and the restaurant selection is varied.

One of the malls I grew up with is Shangri-la Plaza. It’s one of my favorites because it has a good selection of shops and it’s less crowded. It’s also very accessible, whether you have a car or just commuting.

The mall recently held a food crawl to showcase some of its best restaurants for Valentine’s Day. Here’s the lovable list:

Fourth level, East wing

Balboa prawns and garlic
Balboa’s prawns and garlic

This Victorian-themed Italian-American restaurant looks fancy but the food is reasonably priced. Try their various pasta and pizza flavors but the starters are good too. The mixed greens salad with dried fig, pears, Parma ham, and candied walnuts is a must-try. Another is the prawns and garlic; you know me, I love seafood. The non-alcoholic drinks are also perfect for couples cutting down on spirits. Try the raspberry lemonade and the pineapple and cucumber shake.

Fourth level, East Wing

SB Green Pastures' caesar kale salad (photo by author)
Caesar kale salad with konbu chicken and 142-degree egg

This restaurant makes its food with the best organic ingredients possible. So expect meals that are tasty and healthy at the same time. This farm-to-table concept just recently launched its Filipino menu for those who love local cuisine. One of its bestselling salads is the caesar kale, which is a mix of greens, kale, konbu chicken, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese shavings, and topped with a 142-degree egg.

Lower ground, East Wing

SB House of Wagyu's rib eye Japanese wagyu steak on a stone grill (photo by author)
Japanese wagyu rib eye steak cooking on a stone grill

One word: Steak. Now, if someone would take me to dinner tonight, then bring me here (wink wink) or any steakhouse for that matter. This restaurant is tucked in a small place at the lower ground level of the mall, making for an intimate setting. They serve high grade Japanese wagyu steaks that are cooked on your table on a stone grill.

Fifth level, East Wing

Nadai fujisoba niku fuji soba
Niku fuji soba

Okay, you can bring me here, too. I love Japanese food. This restaurant is not a ramen shop but specializes in buckwheat noodles, using soba and udon. A bowl of soba in a umami-rich broth topped with pork or shrimp tempura is my kind of noodle bowl.

Mid level, East Wing

Morelli's cheeese gelato
Cheese gelato

Gelato is sweeter when you’re with your sweetie. Italian ice cream is always a winner in my book. Try out the variety of flavors like chocolate, strawberry, ube, mango cheesecake, coffee, cheese, and more.

Mid level, East Wing


SB TWG has a wide selection of tea from all over the world (photo by author).jpg
Vietnamese blue tea

I find TWG tea salons romantic. It has this old world charm and knowing that the jars and tins of tea leaves that surround the shop are from different parts of the world is quite fascinating. While TWG is known for its tea, it also serve some hot dishes like sandwiches, pastas, and even main course plates. Don’t forget to try their French macarons to pair with your tea.

EDSA corner Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City


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