The South District: Alabang’s newest food hall

If you ask me to choose between a food park and a food hall, I will choose the latter, right off the bat.


Because I feel more safe and comfortable in a food hall than open space food parks. Most food halls are located inside malls, too, so it is even more convenient. And most malls have ample parking spaces.

Well basically, food halls are just modern food courts. They are more upscale and the food concepts are more unique and hipster-y. They also have modern designs and layouts, with beautiful and non-generic dining furniture.

For instance, The South District (TSD) is the newest food hall to open in Alabang. It’s modern and has new food concepts. Located at the fourth floor of Madison Galeries mall, Alabang Hills in Muntinlupa City, the food hall promises new eats in a comfortable setting.

SB TSD Interior
The modern and chic interior of The South District

TSD is smaller compared to other food halls in big mall chains. This is not a disadvantage, however, because the smaller space actually makes TSD cozier and look less like a food court but more of a restaurant. It can seat 150 diners inside the main dining area and a small al fresco space. It has modern furnishings like wooden tables, steel chairs, plush couches, and contemporary lighting fixtures.

“It’s different from a food court because we wanted it to be a bit more modern. The interior is a bit more intricate when we designed it What makes it different is it’s affordable, even with the nice interiors it’s just we want to make the experience a good experience,” explains Madison Galeries marketing associate Keana Rustia.

Rustia family owns Madison Galeries, which also operates and maanges TSD.

To draw in the crowd, the food hall decided to keep it small, only housing seven food concepts, most of which are new. But there are a couple of brands that are quite familiar, too.

Here are the concepts you can try at TSD:


SB TSD Dos Bandidos
Dos Bandidos’ Filipino-inspired taco, aligue shrimp

A concept by chef Luigi Muhlach, Dos Bandidos marries Mexican and Filipino flavors creating a delicious fusion. It offers not your run-off-the-mill tacos, burritos, or nachos. How about some shrimp aligue taco or lechon taco or chicken inasal taco. The Queso de Bomba croquettes, which uses queso de bola, is also a must-try.


SB TSD Bronx Fried Chicken
Beer battered fried chicken with rice and Sriracha ketchup

A big piece of beer battered boneless fried chicken thigh with Sriracha ketchup. Count me in! This concept, owned also by the Rustias, puts a spin on the classic fried chicken. It fries boneless chicken thighs in two different coatings, original blend called “The Notorious” and beer batter blend called the “Brewsky.” The chicken meals are served with rice and your choice of sauce—gravy, taco cheese, Sriracha ketchup, adobo, or barbecue.


SB TSD Tix Mix
Chicken biryani

No, not Tex-Mex but Tix Mix. Funny or clever? This concept specializes in Arabic, Indian, and Persian cuisines. It serves rice meals like kebab with rice, chicken biryani, and beef biryani. Tix Mix also serves hummus or falafel with pita bread. But probably its best offering are the affordable shawarma, which starts at only P59! That’s a steal!


SB Chef T roast beef
Roast beef

For meat lovers, Chef T offers meat carvings and sizzling meals. Must try is its roast beef served with rice and gravy.


SB TSD Juju Eats
Juju Eats’ classic caesar salad and taco salad

Juju Eats has been in the business for quite some time. It offers healthy fare from salads to paninis to rice meals. Health buffs will love the taco salad and classic caesar salad.


SB TSD Nolita
Big New York pizza slices (Handout photo)

Nolita or North of Italy specializes in New York-style fare like pizza, Angus beef burgers, and buffalo wings. Its specialty is its pizza, which it claims as the “real New York pizza,” which it serves by the slice. Choose from its various flavors like cheese, pepperoni, and spicy Italian sausage.


SB TSD Liquid Luck
Liquid Luck serves wines, too (Handout photo)

Liquid Luck is TSD’s in-house beverage bar. It serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from sodas to coffee to shakes to beers to cocktails.

Read my Manila Bulletin Lifestyle article here.

The South District, fourth floor, Madison Galeries, 398 Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa City / Facebook/thesouthdistrictph


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