Wow pizza

Everybody loves pizza. Some even take it too far by marrying it. Yep, that happened.

Why does everyone love this savory pie? Well, because it’s delicious. You can never go wrong with tomato sauce, cheese, and sausages on top of chewy and crunchy crust. I personally love bacon on my pizza because bacon makes everything better. While most hate pineapple on a pizza, I actually like it. #sorrynotsorry

Pizza has evolved through the years with chefs and restaurants experimenting on various toppings, from chicken barbecue to smoked salmon to luxurious caviar. While classic flavors remain as favorites, once in a while it’s fun to try different flavors, especially if it’s done very well.

‘C2’ signature premium pizza topped with slices and slices of Italian proscuitto ham (P1,299)

One such restaurant that does unique flavors very well is Steveston Pizza. It makes classic and premium pizzas. A restaurant that originated from British Columbia, Canada, its founder Chef Nader Hatimi makes his pizza like art. He uses only premium ingredients, from organic tomatoes to the best Italian prosciutto to elk meat (this one’s only available in Canada, though). People line up at his small corner restaurant, which has the distinction as “Best Pizza in Canada,” awarded to it for several years.

“I think he’s not doing the traditional pizza. He is an artist more than anything else,” says Richard Go, the Filipino businessman responsible for bringing the Canadian pizzeria to the Philippines two years ago. Now with three branches in different parts of Metro Manila, Steveston continues to serve traditional and unique pizzas to hungry Filipinos.

First and foremost, Steveston’s pizzas are beautiful, especially its premium line. They are very Instagram worthy. I immediately noticed that the pizzeria is very generous with the toppings. It doesn’t scrimp on ingredients at all. You know that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Steveston only serves one size of pizza—14 inches—and are sliced into 12.

Japanese pizza topped with wasabi teriyaki chicken, enoki mushrooms and sesame seaweed (P899)

One of its premium pizzas is the “C2,” a pizza that is topped with slices and slices of Italian prosciutto ham, brie, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh arugula, and a drizzling of roasted garlic mousse. This pizza is sliced into eight to make sure that each slice has a single serving of prosciutto ham.

Another pizza that I liked is the Japanese pizza. This one’s topped with teriyaki chicken with a hint of wasabi, enoki mushrooms, and sesame seaweed. Since the restaurant tops its pizza generously, you’re sure to get a full slice every time.

Steveston also have its “color” pizzas. A must try from this collection is the “Green” pizza. Instead of tomato sauce, it uses pesto as the base the topped with cheese, single cream brie, shrimps, and scallions.

According to Richard, what makes their pizza one of the best is because of the ingredients they use and its crust.

“What makes us different is our crust, it is light, chewy, and fluffy, not thin and crunchy nor thick and gummy. We always put premium ingredients, we don’t scrimp on the ingredients. Like we use whole shrimp and you’ll notice they are plump. Tomatoes are fresh and cheese are good quality. We use organic ingredients as much as we can” he says.

Read my Manila Bulletin Lifestyle article here.

Steveston Pizza Branches

UP Town Center
Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
+632 9552273

Circuit Makati, Olympia, Makati City

Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse, Quezon City
+632 423 9844



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