Italian or Spanish food? How about both?

“I don’t care” or “Whatever” are probably the greatest lies anybody has said when answering the most difficult question of all time: “Where do you want to eat?” In Filipino culture, it’s a case of politeness—because letting somebody choose over your own selfish desires makes you a good person, right? “Kahit ano” is a big lie! Because in reality, you want to stuff your face with greasy pizza and rich ice cream.

pizza bamberetti
Pizza Gamberetti con Rucola (Pizza with shrimps and fresh arugula)

This perpetual problem is probably the reason why most restaurants here offer a lot on the menu. Some dishes are so common it is present in most restaurants like pasta, pizza, and fried chicken, regardless of what cuisine a restaurant specializes in.

There is a new restaurant at the new Venice Grand Canal Mall the offers two cuisines Filipinos love—Italian and Spanish. Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano promises authentic Italian and Spanish cuisines in a casual dining setting. A new concept by Rigatoni Corp., the same company behind Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria at Resorts World Manila, this restaurant is dedicated to the father and uncle of the company’s president Giulius Ceazar Iapino.

bisteca ala toni and sergio
Bisteca ala Toni & Sergio (Porterhouse served with risotto and creamed greens)

“My dad, Toni, had a few restaurants and pubs in Italy while Sergio, his younger brother, is a well known TV director in Italy, Spain, and Argentina. The preference to Italian and Spanish cuisines is the inspiration behind our latest venture,” Filipino-Italian Giulius says.

He also says that restaurant takes no shortcuts when it comes to the dishes. To make it as authentic as possible, most ingredients they use are imported. And of course, the owner is Italian, so he would know what’s authentic or not.


The menu has more than 70 items but standout dishes include: the Five-Cheese Pizza that uses Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Scamorza cheeses; there’s also the Pizza Gamberetti con Rucola is a tomato and cheese pizza topped with shrimp and fresh arugula greens; and Pizzaiolo Burger uses a 200-gram beef patty, coleslaw, and pesto sandwiched between a pizza bun (top bun is topped with cheese and pepperoni). You should also try the creamy Italian sodas, which are fruit-flavored sodas served with whipped cream.

Read my Manila Bulletin Lifestyle article here.

Toni & Sergio Gastro Italiano is located at the ground floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill, BGC, Taguig City / +63 922 7547743, +63 916 7221997,


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