Best shawarma in Manila?


Okay, I haven’t really been going around Metro Manila and taking a bite of every shawarma I see but the last shawarma I had was pretty damn good. I don’t claim it’s the best but in terms of quality, this small restaurant in BGC makes a good wrap statement.

Shawarma is very popular here, thus, very common. It’s widely available in food markets, malls, and even train stations. What makes it so popular is its convenience—quick and easy to-go meal.

This Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines staple is basically meat (beef, chicken, or lamb), marinated in special spices, cooked in a vertical rotisserie, and then wrapped in pita bread. Fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and cucumber are added to the meat pile and drizzled with special sauces (usually yogurt-based sauces).

ebeneezers counter
Ebeneezers counter and salad bar

Ebeneezers is one of the new eateries in the BGC business hub. The restaurant elevates the humble shawarma roll into a gourmet meal. It uses prime Angus beef, organic chicken, and halal Moroccan lamb in its tasty wraps. Most of the vegetable it uses are also organic and sourced from small, sustainable farms.

Its head chef is Tom Hines, one of the men behind Ebeneezer’s Hong Kong. This is not a franchise of the popular HK eatery, however.

Aside from the special meats, it also serves vegetarian dishes like fresh vegetable salad from the salad bar and falafal (mashed chick peas with special spices, formed into patties then fried). Customers can also have the option of having the premium meats and falafal over rice pilaf.

ebeneezers organic chicken
Organic chicken on fluffy rice pilaf

Personally, I like the lamb shawarma. Marinated in Moroccan spices, the lamb is perfectly tender and full of flavor. The organic chicken is a must try, too. The restaurant also has special house-made sauces with varying level of spiciness from no heat to super spicy.

What’s unique about Ebeneezers is it is divided into two sections. The restaurant downstairs and the “naughty room” upstairs. A small bar where people can unwind and just chill. This part offer signature cocktails and good bar chow. Must tries are the aged (45 days) beef burger, lamb burger, and the crazy sinful fried organic chicken skins.

Read my Manila Bulletin article here.

Ebeneezers is located at the ground floor of Net Quad Bldg, on 4th St. corner 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. +63 917 5694429 / / IG: @ebeneezersmnl


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