Trying out cheesecake bars


So last week, I was itching to bake something. I had a bar of cream cheese and I was looking for recipes to make a dessert out of it. A cheesecake was out of the question because it requires a lot of cream cheese. I forgot to look up Japanese cotton cheesecake recipes, which I have been wanting to make, but instead, I looked up cheesecake bars recipes.

This cheesecake bar recipe I found on is such an easy recipe and requires only handful of ingredients, so I tried it out. It turned out amazing, actually. The cream cheese gives it a rich flavor and texture while the lemon juice gives it the proper tartness.

cheesecake bars for blog 04
Perfect combination

Originally, I wanted to make an easy graham cracker crust but we were out of the crunchy biscuits that time. You see, in creating recipes, I try making uncomplicated ones that require just a few ingredients. So I try to make the most out of whatever’s in our fridge or kitchen cabinets. Experimenting with food can be expensive because you end up buying ingredients you don’t need after, hence a lot of wastage. I try not to waste as much as I can.

Anyway, the recipe recommends to serve it with fresh fruit. So I topped mine with fresh mango. I was hoping the sweetness of the mango will offset the tartness of the bars but my taste buds were looking for more sweetness. So, I made a simple mango compote, cooking the pieces of mango in a light sugar syrup. It was better! (Too bad I was not able to take a photo)

So, if you’re looking to make something quick and easy, consider making this one.


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