Summer salad

Summer treats are not limited to halo-halo, ice cream, and fruit shakes because Summer is also the season of grilled meat, seafood, and of course, salad! Aside from being healthy, salads are very refreshing and light. Since vegetables contain a lot of water, salads are good hydrating food. In this heat, it helps to always keep hydrated.

I eat a lot of vegetables, even when I was younger. As I grew older, my love for vegetables grew bigger as well. The only vegetable I don’t eat, however, is okra. I just can’t get over its sliminess. Good thing is, most salads don’t contain okra.

saladstop 04
FRESH BOWLS Clockwise from top: Go Geisha, Cobb Salad, and Oh Crab Lah

Salad is one of those versatile dishes you can make. You can make a salad as light as possible or as heavy and filling as you want. One misconception of salad is that it’s too light and not filling at all. That’s not true because you can put anything in your salad to make it more filling but still keeping it healthy, like nuts or grilled chicken breast/seafood or fruits or noodles. Anything goes, really.

One genius way of making salads filling is wrapping them in tortilla. Singapore-based lifestyle food brand SaladStop! makes this amazing mutant of a dish. It’s like a burrito but instead of meat, rice, and beans, the restaurant’s wraps are filled with amazingly fresh vegetables. Not just ordinary vegetables but classic salad dishes from Cobb to Greek to Caesar.

SaladStop! which recently opened in the country, is a fast food restaurant concept but instead of offering greasy and unhealthy burgers, it offers fresh and healthy salads. As more and more people are becoming health conscious, the concept has never been so relevant today.

saladstop 03
The salad wraps are very filling

“It’s supposed to be a concept that is very casual, very, fast food, but in a fast casual space. It is more of a lifestyle brand rather than a fast food brand,” says SaladStop! co-founder Adrien Desbaillets. “We knew that there was a market and we knew that Filipinos are generally open to new concepts, so we knew that that’s going to help us. This hunger for new brands, new lifestyle brands, new movement toward healthier food. I mean the local food is not healthy in the Philippines.”

Brought in by SSI Group Inc., SaladStop! offers a variety of salads from the classic to original tosses like the Oh Crab Lah, the salad version of Singapore’s signature dish—chili crab. Customers can also create their own salads through the restaurant’s salad bar. It also offer healthy drinks, snacks like kale chips as well as pastries.

SaladStop! also follows its philosophy “Eat, Wide, Awake” which means that the food it serves are healthy, wholesome, and does not impact the environment. It uses no processed or artificial ingredients and it is working to be 100% GMO and preservative free.

Lower Ground Floor, 5th Avenue cor. 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Nos.: +63 958 5534; +63 917 8046921

R3 Level Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Nos.: +63 833 4753 to 54; +63 917 523 2887

Ground Floor of OPL Building 100 C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Nos.: +63 808 7556 or 808 7569; +63 917 675 2745

Or visit SaladStop! on the web here.



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