I gotta filling

Every time I pass by a bakery and smell the inviting aroma of freshly baked bread, it’s hard to resist buying the carbohydrate-filled temptation. Nothing beats bread, fresh out of the oven. Not until Japanese chilled buns arrived on our shores.

Cold bread? Gasp! What do you mean? Such impertinence! How could they do this? No! Why? Get out!

Okay, calm down. Chill (pun intended, hehe). We’ve been eating cold bread ever since cake was invented. And these chilled buns are no ordinary bread because they are filled with creamy filling goodness.

In 1933, Kaoru Morimitsu opened Hattendo in Hiroshima, Japan. Named after a shrine that stood centuries in the historic city of Hiroshima, Hattendo sells soft buns filled with different fillings such as custard, matcha, azuki bean, whipped cream, chocolate, chestnut, and mango.

The shop has been baking and selling buns for more than 80 years! A solid proof of the product’s quality and I guess, deliciousness. The Japanese bakery set up shop and opened in the Philippines last year. All the buns are baked in Japan and shipped to the Philippines.

At the opening of Ichiba Japanese Market restaurant, at the Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, I was able to try these Japanese buns. The small and melt-in-your-mouth buns are bursting with filling. The custard filling is very creamy and not too sweet. I particularly love the mango flavor because it’s like biting into bread filled with mango ice cream. I hope to try all flavors soon.

Hattendo has branches at SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, and Theater Mall Greenhills.

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