New York steak of mind

When it was announced last year that Woflgang Zwiener will open his restaurant here, a lot of foodies and steak lovers (like me) got really excited. Imagine, one of the best rated steakhouses in the US will bring its famous beef here.

So last week, when I got a text from my editor that Woflgang’s Steakhouse is hosting an exclusive preview dinner for the media, I didn’t even think twice and accepted the assignment. The invitation was short notice because the organizers informed everybody on the day of the event, which was the night before the big launch. I had another event that day, also a restaurant, so I tried my best to restrain myself from eating too much.

ws jumbo shrimp cocktail
Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Arriving at the Newport Mall at Resorts Word Manila, I was not able to immediately locate the restaurant. It is situated on the second floor of the mall, at The Plaza. After a few minutes, I was able to spot the steakhouse that was still covered and boarded up, which explains why it was difficult to find. The hostesses of the restaurant were the only ones outside, welcoming guests. “Where should I enter?” I asked one of them. She led me to a door on the wooden wall (covered in tarpaulin) that hides the steakhouse’s facade.

There were still construction men working on the restaurant but it was already 90 percent done. I was greeted by Marvin Agustin of SumoSam Group, the one responsible for bringing the steakhouse here. Peter Zwiener, son of Woflgang was also there to greet the guests. The setup was pretty simple, tables formed a u-shape and were fully dressed for a dinner party—white tablecloths, silver cutlery, wine glasses, and fine china.

And then Mr. Woflgang arrived. Dressed in a blue suit, white shirt, a red tie, and a wide smile, he welcomed each guest to his restaurant.

After all the guests arrived, we started dinner. I was pretty excited but who wouldn’t be anyway? We would get to try dry-aged (for an average of 28 days) USDA Prime beef steak, cooked the Woflgang’s way.

ws ribe eye
Rib Eye Steak

For starters, we had the Wofgang’s Salad, Beverly Hills Chopped Salad, Canadian Bacon slabs (I mean, b-a-c-o-n s-l-a-b-s), and the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail. The shrimp was indeed, jumbo and was served on ice and with the special cocktail sauce. I love shrimp so, I’m pretty partial about this. So good. All of these appetizers paired with a cool glass of French white wine.

After having all the shrimp and bacon I want, in comes the stars of the show. Served on huge platters, he big cuts of steak—rib eye, porterhouse, and prime rib—were cooked medium rare. Perfect crusting on the outside and perfect pink center. The steaks were perfectly seasoned and in every bite, you could taste the difference of the aged beef. For Wolfgang and Peter, they like their steaks rare and even black and blue. Personally, I prefer my steak medium rare to medium.

“As you understand the quality of the beef you are eating, you’ll understand why you want it a little a bit less cooked so you could get the true flavor and appreciate what the beef tastes like,” Peter says.

The steaks were perfectly paired with a glass of red and three sides were also served alongside the beautifully cooked meat, Creamed Spinach, German Potatoes, and Sauteed Mushrooms.

We finished the dinner with slices of pecan pie and New York’s Junior’s Cheesecake, the most famous cheesecake in New York. I’m telling you, this cheesecake is popular for a reason.

ws junior's cheesecake
Junior’s Cheesecake

The steakhouse is not all hype like most international brands coming into the country. It promises quality good food. After all, each branch ages its own meat, all USDA Prime beef, by the way. It has full control of its process from the aging to the preparation. This is expected from a restaurant that knows its steak. Mr. Wolfgang, who worked for the legendary Peter Luger’s in New York for more than 40 years prior to putting up his own steakhouse, definitely knows what he is doing.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is located at the second floor of Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila. For inquiries +63920 8219247 / +63995 610-361;;


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