Small but capable

I don’t know if it’s because of my age or my undying passion for cooking, but new kitchen tools get me really excited. Now hold on, not that excited.

Browsing YouTube, I always find myself watching testers trying out new kitchen gadgets. It’s fascinating and entertaining at the same time. Boring for some but fun for me. Why the many kitchen contraptions? Because everywhere in the world, there are inventors who try their best to come up with ideas that will make the lives of kitchen people a lot easier. Some are bit complicated but some are so simple, anyone could have thought it.

One such tool that I recently discovered is the pan scraper. My tita Linda gave my mom this small square kitchen tool that looks like a cross between a plastic spatula and a steel dough scraper. Unlike the old pan scraper that resembles a wider steel cake spatula, this small plastic thing has tapered edges on three sides and a handle on the other side. The edges are almost as sharp as a knife’s, you can actually cut things with it. But don’t because it’s made of plastic and the edges will dull easily.

Basically, it’s job is to help the cleaner remove burnt food sticking on the bottom of pots and pans. In the Philippines or in any Asian country for that matter, we always deal with tutong or burnt rice at the bottom of the pot or rice cooker. It’s a pain to remove that is why we usually pour in water in the pot first and let it sit for hours. This process helps in breaking down the solids, thus making the pot easier to clean.

You don’t need soaking when you have this tool, however. As the designated dishwasher at our house, this tool is very handy. It scrapes burnt food quite easily and it doesn’t damage the pot. Although I haven’t used it on a nonstick pan but I’m assuming it’s safe since it’s made of plastic. After googling this tool, I believe what we have is the company’s old design because the newer ones look sleeker and very colorful.

I give this thing two thumbs up. I don’t know if this is available locally but if you find one, go grab it.


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