StoveBoi Favorites: Cherry Life Savers

Confession: I love junk food. I love the artificially flavored and colored candies. I love sugar-filled bars of processed cocoa. I love crunchy deep-fried root crops. I love thinly rolled corn dough pieces that were fried to a crisp then sprinkled generously with artificial flavoring and sometimes MSG.

I know, it’s bad. Although I don’t eat them every day, I indulge once in a while.

One of my favorite candies is Life Savers. Back when I was a kid, I would devour one roll in one sitting. But there is one flavor that I love most—cherry. I actually love anything cherry flavored. I remember always buying a box of cherry Chiclets at the grocery store that was usually displayed at the cashier counter.

It’s very sad that Life Savers is not available in the local market anymore. I think Chiclets stopped producing its products. Sigh. So whenever I travel abroad, I always look for Life Savers and buy myself a roll or two or three or a whole box. Googling the candies online, I discovered that the brand sells bags of cherry only candy! Life Savers actually sells “standout” flavors on their own. Gah, if only these online stores ship to the Philippines.

Last weekend my aunt and uncle, who are visiting from the US, gave the kids rolls of Life Savers during a family reunion. I asked my tito to give me a roll even though I am not a kid anymore. He did! Lol. Hooray!

Ah, it’s so good. Sweet and tangy. Cherry all the way.

What’s your favorite candy flavor?


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