Pedro sans Miguel

I remember drinking my first beer, it was in high school and I didn’t really like it. My first taste of alcohol was actually gin, which I surprisingly liked more than the frothy, golden liquid variety.

But after learning to love the delicious nectar of the stressed, sad, and happy people, a week is not complete without a cold one. But for years, I’ve only known one brand (you already know what brand I’m talking about). Let’s be honest, they have a monopoly of the beer market. I, along with most Filipinos got used to their offerings but not until in recent years.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been experimenting with other brands, especially the European kind. I love Belgian beers and one of my favorites is Hoegaarden. It has a different flavor and has this cloudy golden color. Totally different from what I am used to.

Enter, local craft beers. If the Europeans can do it, why can’t we, right? Well, thanks to some beer-loving Filipinos because more and more local craft beers are filling supermarket shelves. A group of friends—Nadine and husband Jaime Fanlo, Jill Borja, and Rochee de Leon—decided to brew their own beer. They love beer, so, what the heck, they made their own.

Pedro craft beers (from left) Elementary, English Ale; Endless Summer Wheat Ale; and Procrastination Pale Ale

From brewing beer in the garage to building a full-pledged brewery in San Pedro, Laguna, Pedro Brewcrafters, Inc. stared rolling out their Pedro brand of beer September of last year. They started with 40 bars and restaurants in Metro Manila and just recently, the team announced that their beer is now available at Family Mart.

“We all started basically just loving beer. We love to drink beer and we really appreciated beer and as we explored the different kinds of beer, we loved the fact that craft beer provided such a versatile range of flavors. The possibilities are really endless,” said Nadine during the brand’s official launch last month at The Belle and Dragon bar in Makati City.

The brand has three beer styles: Endless Summer Wheat Ale; Elementary, English Ale; and Procrastination Pale Ale. “Our wheat ale is perfect for the warm weather, it’s very refreshing, it’s fruity, it’s light, it’s very easy to appreciate. The pale ale is the most bitter of the three kinds, it’s got an herbal and floral aroma. It’s very aromatic. The English Ale is roast-y, it’s darker in color and it’s got coffee and caramel notes,” Nadine explained.

They also did the extra mile by really studying the proper way to brew. They consulted with Singaporean brewer Ernest Ng and Jaime went through a certification from the American Brewers Guild in the US. He’s the only Filipino certified by the organization. They made sure that they know every science behind brewing so they can consistently make their delicious concoction.

Aside from plans of going nationwide and eventually global, ultimately, the brand aims to educate beer-loving Filipinos that there are options out there and that beer could have unique and bold flavors.

“Our goal is really to educate the market aside from just producing beer, we want to explain to people that it is something different and they should not be afraid or intimidated to try it,” Nadine said.

Check out the brand here.


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