StoveBoi Favorites: Cassava cake

Kakanin is a local delicacy that is a huge part of the Filipino diet. It is served and eaten all day long, from breakfast to brunch to merienda (afternoon snack) to dinner dessert. Most kakanin are made of glutinous rice (locally known as malagkit), hence the root word of its name—kanin, which literally translates to rice.

Not all kakanin, however, are made of rice. Another major ingredient in kakanin is cassava root. I love everything made of cassava like suman, pichi-pichi, and most of all, cassava cake.

A cassava cake is a sweet, cake-like kakanin made mainly of cassava root, eggs, and milk. It’s very rich and has the consistency of a dense gelatin. My favorite part is the dark caramelized custard topping that gives the cake an added creamy taste and softer texture. Some recipes require macapuno strips or grated cheese as added toppings.

It’s mostly sold at local public markets, supermarkets, and restaurants around the Philippines. It s also a special pasalubong item sold in several provinces like Laguna, located south of Metro Manila.


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