Recipe: Sago’t Gulaman

This is the classic Filipino “samalamig” drink. You can find this anywhere in the Philippines, from the streets to restaurants. It has several variations but this recipe is the easiest. It’s sweet and simple. This drink is perfect for hot summer days.


1 pack colored unflavored gelatin (any color you prefer)
2 pandan leaves
100 grams of tapioca pearls
250 grams of dark brown sugar
1500 ml of chilled water
Banana essence


1. Cook gelatin based on package instructions. During cooking, make a simple knot with the pandan leaves and put in the cooking mixture. Remove leaves before putting into aluminum pans to set. Completely cool down jelly.
2. For the syrup, put half a cup of water and dark brown sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a light simmer and melt the sugar. Then pour in tapioca pearls. Turn of heat and let cool.
3. When gelatin is set and cool, cut into small cubes.
4. In a pitcher, pour the syrup, chilled water, and jelly cubes. Put one to two drops of banana essence. Stir well.
5. Serve in a glass with lots of ice. Enjoy!

Serves 6


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