Dreaming of cooler days

The country’s weathermen promised us cooler days. They said a stronger northeast monsoon is coming down from Siberia, China, and Japan. But today, the sun is out and burning up the concrete jungle that is Metro Manila.

Facebook sent me a notification, reminding me of a memory from last year. It was a photo of me in the garage with some relatives. I was wearing a hoodie. I was cold, apparently. I remember that January day, the breeze was cool especially during the early morning and nighttime. I had to wear another layer of clothing to keep warm.

This year’s January is hot, almost-like-summer hot. I’m guessing many Filipinos are cooling down at malls and cooler rural areas. Tagatay must be packed!

One sure thing that can cool me down is a cone or rather pint, wait, half a gallon of good ‘ol ice cream. At this point, I don’t care about the calories because in this heat, I will burn those anyway.

I am dreaming about ice cream right now—creamy vanilla bean, salted caramel, ooh wait, how about dark chocolate. Hmmmm. Oh, sweet, sweet nectar from the sugar gods.

magnum manila01
The Make Your Own Magnum bar at Magnum Manila, SM Mall of Asia

So, here I am, thinking of biting into a bar of chocolate covered ice cream. Because two weeks ago, I was assigned to attend the launch of Magnum Manila Pleasure Store at SM Mall of Asia. After it closed down its doors July of last year, it reopened as a dessert-only store. The previous restaurant carried other food items and not just ice cream alone. Now, the store is just focusing on its world-famous Make Your Own Magnum bar. This D-I-Y goodness lets you create your own signature Magnum bar.

Don’t look for sprinkles here because the toppings are far from ordinary. There are a total of 18 toppings like sea salt, grape Nerds candy, crushed pistachio nuts, freeze dried raspberries, potato chips, dried mangoes, and even dried chili flakes (for the adventurous). The newest addition is the mini pastillas.

I made two bars (I’m sorry for being a gluton) one I chose vanilla ice cream dipped in Belgian dark chocolate coating then topped with almonds, caramel crushed balls, Parmesan popcorn, and white chocolate drizzle. So good. The other one was chocolate ice cream covered in Belgian milk chocolate and topped with dried mango bits, grated quezo de bola, pastillas bits, and dark chocolate drizzle. Good but I like my first creation better. I wish I have a tub of that Parmesan popcorn. I love popcorn.

magnum manila02
Toppings galore

Tip, mix savory toppings with sweeter coating while the chili goes amazing with dark chocolate.

So before it gets even hotter because summer days are almost here, cool down first. Best cool-me-down snack.

You can read my Manila Bulletin article here.

Magnum Manila is located at the second floor, main wing of SM Mall of Asia (across Uniqlo). www.magnum.com.ph/magnummanilamoa/index.php


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