Of coarse, it’s fine

One sign that you have aged is how you get easily excited about simple things like getting a new shirt (I need that!) or getting a new pair of underwear (yassss!). In my case, there’s nothing in the world that could excite more than new kitchen tools. Yes, I’m a simple man.

Last December, which was also my birth month, I got two amazing gifts, one from my nieces and the other from one of my best friends. Two kitchen tools that is changing my life! Okay, well, I haven’t used one of them but I’m sure I will soon.

pepper mill
Wooden pepper mill

Ever since I saw this tool in cooking shows, I have wanted to buy one. But back then, this was not common in the Filipino kitchen, so finding one was difficult. I am talking about a pepper mill. That wooden tool that looks like a chess piece that grounds whole black peppercorns into varying levels of graininess—from coarse to fine.

I love how chefs hold this thing over pots and meat and twist it rhythmically creating a rain of black spice. It’s so mesmerizing to me, I sometimes weird myself out. Finally, I can do it myself! Thanks to my good friend, Kat, for giving it to me as a birthday present. Yay, for friends!

The second one is something—I’m guessing—every baker has. It’s called a decorating pen. It’s a pen-like silicone device where you can put frosting or chocolate in it (like ink in pens) and use it like a pen to write your decorations on cakes and pastries. It works like a syringe so you could suck the frosting in from the tip but it works like a pen (you hold it like a pen) when it’s time to squeeze out its contents. It looks simple but I haven’t tried it yet. I hope my sometimes shaky hands can handle it. This Christmas gift was given by my nieces Justine and Pia. It came with the sweetest note. I love it that they know me so well.

deco pen
Baker’s decorating pen (Masflex)

I consider these two as the best presents I have ever received last year. Simple but useful and both give me more reason to cook.


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